Scent Workshops

The dog's nose is a powerful tool and that is why they can be used for cancer detection, sniffer dogs, epilepsy detection and lots more. Its amazing to watch these dogs working and that's what your dog will be doing on this workshop ... working and having fun. This is not tracking but air scenting based, all dogs should have basic obedience and show no aggression.

Beginner workshop:

Some of the things you will be looking at are -
  • Working on the dog's indicator
  • Looking at directional control
  • Introduction to a scent and find
  • Recognising when the dog is 'on the scent'
  • Introduction to a slightly larger area and blind searches
  • Talking about how scent acts and how your dog works with it
Intermediate workshop:

Building on the Beginner Workshop and looking at -
  • Refresher on a simple search
  • Introduction to environmental considerations
  • Introduction to search patterns
  • Searching a larger area (theory and practical)
  • Addition of dummy scents on search
Course date: TBA

Course time: TBA

Number of spaces: TBA

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